5 delicious Maharashtrian desserts that you should try today

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Between the burning curry and the padded turkeys, there is so much in the kitchen of Maharashtra that it deserves a listening ear. Maharashtra has been a melting pot of many cultures. The food worthy of the Maharashtra slime is also a mixture of many flavors and cooking techniques; some indigenous and others are taken from their former rulers/colonizers. The desserts of Maharashtra are a lip-smacking affair that serves as an abundant departure from loaded sauces, rice dishes and flat pieces of bread. From yogurt to rice flour, from mango to jaggery, the desserts of Maharashtra are an indulgent treasure of flavors.

1. Puran Poli

The festive Maharashtrian element is always a pleasure to bite. Puran Poli is a bread loaf filled with a sweet lentil filling called ‘Puran’. Puran recipes differ from households to households; Some people choose to make their filling with flour, jaggery or nuts. The Puran Poli is prepared profusely on special occasions such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali or Sankranti.

2. Shrikhand

Hungry curd cold dessert is popular even in the homes of Gujarati. The creamy delicacy is sweetened with sugar and seasoned with cardamom, walnuts, and saffron. In summers, backhand or mango-flavored shrikhand also becomes a much-sought affair throughout Maharashtra.

3. Modak

Most of the time you see this delicious sweet during Ganesh Chaturthi. Maybe you’re even guilty of putting too many at once. But such is the magic of modak; you simply can not stop at one. Modak is a dough ball filled with rice flour stuffed with khoya, nuts, and coconut. Nowadays, you can also find many experimental modaks in the market; For example chocolate modak, Kesari modak, malai modak, til modak, etc.

4. Shankarpada

Shankarpada or Shankarpali is a crunchy, bite-sized sweet that is prepared on festive occasions. Made from sugar dough, ghee, maida and semolina, shankarpada is widely available in stores in ready-to-buy packages. In addition to Maharashtra, shankarpali is also very popular in Gujarat and Karnataka.

5. Mastani Mango

It’s a drink? It is a dessert? Try it to discover it yourself! This indulgent pleasure of mango is a sensation in Pune. Overflowing with ice cream, dried fruits, and nuts, this thick and fragrant mango smoothie is often adorned with varq silver and almond flakes.

Slurping already? We do not blame you! Try them all and tell us which ones you liked the most! If we missed your favorite dessert, let us know in the comments section below.

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