5 type of fruit chutneys to turn your favorite fruits into healthy sauces

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Fruits are undoubtedly one of the best gifts of nature, nutritionally speaking. Fortified with a range of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as beneficial compounds for plants, fruits have been revered by humans for their abundance of nutrition. They are also endowed with sugars and natural flavors that we have tried to recreate in many other ways. However, artificial flavors made by man can not be compared to the aroma and natural flavor of fruits and, therefore, we return to these packages of goodness to make our dishes rich, vibrant and full of flavors. One of the most important reasons for humans to consume fruits is a large amount of nutrition they bring with them.

Fruits: Epitome of the generosity of nature

Have we not heard the fact that variety and color are the secrets to having a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet on countless occasions? This is because no fruit or vegetable can give your body everything it needs and everything must be supplemented with the nutrition of other fresh foods. The fruits personify the generosity of nature for being powers of nutrition. In addition, the more local and seasonal the fruit you eat, the greater the nutrition that you will provide to your body. Fruits can keep you healthy in many ways, from protecting the health of the brain and eyes to keeping your heart healthy. One of the best ways to eat fruit is to eat it raw after making sure it is thoroughly washed.

You can also juice your fruits, but that removes the fiber from it to some extent. If you want to infiltrate the diet of fruits deliciously in your diet, we have what you need for you: fruit chutneys! These sweet and sour sauces can be combined with almost anything from parathas and rotis to toast. They can also be used as delicious pasta for sweet sandwiches or you can add to your morning oat dish as healthy ingredients. These chutney recipes are healthier than fruit jams and store-bought jams, which are full of artificial flavors and preservatives.

5 type of fruit chutneys to turn your favorite fruits into healthy sauces

Pomegranate Chutney

Have you ever tried chutney made from pomegranate? It was time for you to do it! This recipe shows you a new way of eating this amazing fruit, which, among other things, is healthy for your digestive system, immunity, heart, skin, and hair.

Guava Chutney

Did you know that guava has more vitamin C than lemons and oranges? In addition to being rich in this essential vitamin, guavas also contain vitamin A for eye health and good amounts of protein. Turn this super nutritious fruit into a spicy sauce with this recipe.

Jamun Chutney (Plum Chutney)

One of the best summer fruits, jamun has a special place in the heart of every desi. Turn this pretty purple fruit into chutney this summer, with this amazing recipe that is easy to follow and that you can try at home.

Mango Chutney (Chhundo)

This traditional desi chutney enjoys a special place on summer menus throughout the country. Made of raw mango, this ‘jam’ is seasoned with cumin, turmeric and chili powder. The simplicity of the flavors is what makes this chutney extremely popular with everyone.

Date Chutney

Dates, or khajoor, are also used in various home remedies. In addition to being rich in antioxidants and calcium, dates are also known for their fiber content, which can help you lose weight and keep blood sugar levels under control. Enjoy this chutney of delicious and healthy dates with parathas to reap the benefits of the fruit.

These chutneys will soon replace their jams in the store! Know more fruits that can be turned into delicious chutneys, let us know in the comments below.

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