Coconut Paneer Laddu Recipe

Coconut Paneer Laddu Recipe
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Coconut Paneer Laddu Recipe – If you are fond of eating sweets. If you are fond of eating sweets in the morning and evening. Or you eat something sweet after a meal. So today we are going to give information about a very best sweet recipe for you. Today we will give you complete information about how to make Coconut Paneer Laddu recipe at home through this article.

If you want to look after the health of your body along with eating sweets. So for this you have a good option Coconut Paneer Laddu Recipe. Because Coconut Paneer Ladoo will be sweet as well as beneficial for your body. Because everyone knows how beneficial coconut and cheese are for our body. Because sufficient amount of protein is found in both these things which is very beneficial for all of us.

Let us now tell you through this article how to make Coconut Paneer Laddu recipe at home.

Ingredients to make Coconut Paneer Laddu Recipe

  • Paneer three hundred grams,
  • two spoons coconut powder,
  • a cup of sugar,
  • half teaspoon cardamom powder
  • Milk powder half tsp,
  • Two spoons chopped dry fruits,
  • desi ghee half teaspoon

How to make Coconut Paneer Laddu Recipe at Home

First of all, take out the paneer in a vessel and cut the paneer into small coarse pieces.

After this, put oil in a frying pan and heat the oil on low flame. After this, put the paneer in this hot oil and fry it.

After this, grind cardamom and sugar in a mixer finely.

After this, you put the mixer of ground cardamom and sugar in the fried paneer and fry it for 4 to 5 minutes more. And after that you turn off the gas and keep it aside.

After this, when this mixture cools down, then mix dry fruits and grated coconut powder in this mixture.

When your whole mixture is well prepared, then after applying ghee in your hands, make this sawdust into round balls and keep it in a separate vessel.

Now your Desi Coconut Paneer Ladoo is ready. Now you can consume this laddu daily. This laddu will also be good for your health.


Friends, through this article, we have told you how to make coconut water at home. We have given you complete information about this step by step. You can make Paneer Coconut Laddu at home very easily by following the steps mentioned by us.