Diet Chart For Weight Loss in one Week Follow This And See Result

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Friends, our previous weight gain diet chart post was well liked by the people. Many of his friends had comments that even write a diet chart related to weight loss, so in today’s post, we have brought you a weight loss post. Which if you follow, you will lose about 3 kg weight in 1 week. So let’s start by not delaying how your food should be throughout the week-

1. First day- On the first day, you have to take a pledge that you will strictly follow the diet chart throughout the week. In the morning you have to take any seasonal fruit like an apple orange and two glasses of water together. Nothing to eat after that. During lunch, you will feel hungry now you have to eat a papaya melon or melon fruit which you have and drink two or three glasses of water with it. Now drink coconut water or a glass of lemonade in the evening and eat a bowl of grapes. Take one to half melon with water in the same way at night.

2. Second dayYou had eaten fruits on the first day, now you have to eat vegetables on the second day. In the morning breakfast, you have a boiled potato, a cucumber and two glasses of water. Make a salad by mixing cabbage, tomato cucumber, beetroot in the afternoon and take it with water. In the evening you can have spinach or tomato soup. In tonight’s dinner, you should eat boiled cauliflower, broccoli, beans or gourd with a glass of water.

3. Third Day- Even today you have to eat the same things as on the first day, today you can eat fruits and vegetables by mixing apples, papaya and two glasses of water in breakfast, tomato cucumber boiled beetroot in lunch, cucumber coconut water in the evening and an apple in dinner. Take boiled broccoli or papaya with water.

4. Fourth Day- Friends, on this day you only have to live on milk and bananas, so start your day with a shake, in which you will not add sugar at all and take two glasses of water. In the afternoon also skimmed milk with two bananas with two glasses of water, in the evening a banana and water. Dinner is to eat a glass of skimmed milk and a banana and drink two glasses of water.

5. Day five:Friends, today you will make some changes in your meal, which will include brown bread sandwich, papaya and water in the morning breakfast. Lunch will have tomatoes, brown rice and water. There will be 3 tomatoes and lemonade in the evening. Tonight there will be a bowl of brown rice with two tomatoes and two glasses of water.

6. Sixth day-Friends, you have come very close to your journey. Today you will get half a bowl of kidney beans and brown rice with a cucumber and two glasses of water, a bowl with brown rice in lunch within two hours and two-three glasses of water, coconut water or lemonade in the evening, two glasses with brown rice at night Water has to be taken.

7. Seventh day- Friends, this is the last day. Today you can also increase some things in your food. For example, in the morning breakfast, you can have a glass of papaya, mixed veg brown rice. In the afternoon you can have a bowl salad, Rajma rice and water. In the evening breakfast, you can take orange juice or watermelon, papaya in a bowl, boiled beetroot, cucumber, carrot salad or pomegranate-carrot mix juice for dinner.