What is Strawberry, Types Of Strawberry, How To Use Strawberry & Benefits Of Strawberry

Benefits of Strawberry
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It would not be wrong to call strawberry fruit with an almost heart-like texture as the most attractive fruit. This bright red coloured fruit is as delicious as it is healthy. Its juicy sour-sweet taste is very pleasing to the people. Also, its fragrance makes it different from other fruits.

Have you ever eaten strawberries? This red fruit is very succulent and excellent in taste. Earlier this fruit was very rarely found in India, but today its cultivation is started in every corner of the country, due to which it is easily found. Strawberries are as delicious to eat as they are beneficial for health. It contains many minerals ranging from vitamins to folic acid, calcium and phosphorus, which are beneficial for health.

Types of Strawberry

There are many varieties of strawberries, but they can be mainly divided into three parts:

June-bearing: This is the most common and popular type of strawberry. It is widely cultivated worldwide. Its fruits usually ripen in June. Talking about the excellent varieties of June-bearing strawberries, it includes Earliglow, Honeoye, Allstar, Jewel etc.

Ever-bearing – Another type of strawberry is ever-bearing. However, it is not evergreen like the name. It is produced twice a year – in summer and spring. The most well-known varieties of everbearing type are strawberries, saliva and Ozark beauty.

Day-Neutral: The strawberry found throughout the summer is called Day-Neutral. Day-neutral strawberries are considered the most delicious strawberries.

Explain that hundreds of varieties of strawberries are found all over the world. Of these, Chandler, Tioga, Selva, etc. are commonly cultivated in India.

How Use Strawberry?

Strawberries are very tasty, you can include them in your diet in many ways. Strawberry is commonly used in desserts and ice cream due to its sweet and juicy taste. Its extract is also used in many products. Learn some other tips for eating it-

  • Strawberries can be eaten either directly or by cutting them.
  • You can also eat slices of strawberries by adding them to salads.
  • You can also eat strawberry mousse.
  • The benefits of strawberry juice are many. You can also take its juice.
  • You can also use it for garnishing the soup.
  • You can also make strawberry jam and eat it with bread.

Everyone’s way of eating strawberries can be different. So, apart from the above tips, you can include it in your diet in many other ways. Many new experiments can also be done with this. This fruit is so nutritious that you can eat it anytime.

Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberries have antioxidant properties and polyphenol compounds, which may prove beneficial for your health. The vitamin C present in it is also helpful in taking care of your skin and hair. Let’s know in detail the benefits of Strawberry-

Helpful in losing weight

Strawberry is a low-calorie fruit, which you can also consume for weight loss. A cup of strawberries contains just 50 calories. Also, after eating fibre-rich strawberries, your stomach is full for a long time. You can reduce your weight by including strawberries in your diet while avoiding harmful snacks.

Help to protect against cancer

Strawberries can be a panacea for a deadly disease like cancer. According to research, strawberries have cancer-preventive and cancer therapeutic properties, which can show the effective effect on the prevention and treatment of cancer. Also, the chemopreventive properties present in strawberries can act to stop the spread of cancer cells. Research has also found that strawberries can prove to be beneficial for breast cancer as well.

Cardiovascular Health

Strawberries have abundant antioxidant properties and polyphenols compound. Strawberries can protect you from heart problems and help to keep your heart healthy (8). For this reason, to maintain heart health, it is recommended to eat strawberries three times a week (9). At the same time, strawberries have been considered the most healthy fruit for the heart and are placed in the category of heart-healthy fruits.

Teeth Health

If you want to whiten without damaging your teeth, you can use strawberries. This fruit can work to whiten teeth naturally. Vitamin C-rich strawberries remove the yellowing of your teeth and prevent the formation of enzymes that cause plaque and tooth breakdown by causing bacteria in the teeth.

Bone Health

Strawberries can prove to be very beneficial for maintaining bone strength. Strawberries are considered under berry and berry has been considered helpful in maintaining the health of bones weakening due to growing age. Also, the magnesium present in strawberries makes bones stronger.

Blood Pressure

The benefits of strawberries include controlling blood pressure. Potassium is found in abundance in strawberries, which help reduce the risk of stroke by controlling blood pressure. Also, the soluble fibre present in strawberries reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), helping to control blood pressure.

::::: Strawberry is popular worldwide due to its nutrients. You have already known the secret of hidden health in this, so you can include this fruit in your diet without any delay, but during its consumption, you must also keep in mind the loss of strawberries.